Let's Chat with Lele

Lele goes on a staycation

April 20, 2021 Lele and Mommy Season 1 Episode 7
Let's Chat with Lele
Lele goes on a staycation
Show Notes

Today, Lele and Mommy reminisce about their recent Staycation!  

For early Chinese learners, if the full Chinese section is too intimidating, you can get to the bilingual section at 3:15!

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A few weeks ago we went on a staycation.

We got to stay in a hotel, eat lots of good food, do some shopping and visit a local farm.

zhái dù jià


zhù zài nǎ lǐ?


jiǔ diàn


Lele usually sleeps in a Kidco Peapod tent when we stay in hotels.

He has a really hard time falling asleep when he’s in our bed and we’ve found that putting him in a tent has been a good solution for all of us.

zhàng péng


We went to a local farm.

There were a few different animals but the only ones we visited were the Alpacas.

 wǒ men qù nǎ lǐ wán?




yáng tuó 



These Alpacas were so cute and furry but they were so aggressive!

One even kicked me because I was passing out the food too slowly.

I’ll post a video of it on my IG.

We also rode these beautiful Swan shaped peddle boats.

It was one of the few times Lele has been on a boat.

He still doesn’t know how to swim or float yet so I’m pretty nervous whenever we are around bodies of water.

zuò chuán


jiù shēng yī



Lele and Daddy found a LONG slide and rode it several times. It was so fun! Watch the video on our IG.

 liū huá tī



My favorite part of vacations? Buying souvenirs!!

Lele and Mommy both wanted stuffed alpacas so we got a blue one that Lele liked.

He named it Paco (sounds like Alpaca).

jì niàn pǐn


wán ǒu



We had a great time sharing about our staycation with you guys!

Thanks for listening and looking forward to chatting again soon! Talk to you next time!