Let's Chat with Lele

Er... Galosoraptor?

March 31, 2022 Lele and Mommy Season 1 Episode 12
Let's Chat with Lele
Er... Galosoraptor?
Show Notes

Today, Lele is going to teach me about his favorite DINOSAURS. We’d really love to hear about your favorite dinosaurs too! Send us a message on IG to let us know!


For early Chinese learners, if the full Chinese section is too intimidating, you can get to the bilingual section at 5:55!

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 Pterodactyl 翼龍 yì lóng

Spinosaurus棘背龍 jí bèi lóng

Ankylosaurus甲龍 jiǎ lóng

Brachiosaurus 腕龍 wàn lóng

Tyrannosaurus Rex霸王龍 bàwáng long

Triceratops三角龍 sānjiǎo lóng

 Stegosaurus 劍龍 jiàn lóng

Velociraptor迅猛龍 xùnměng lóng

Therizinosaurus镰刀龙liándāo long


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